Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I am not a writer.

My name is Sascha Korshunov, and I am here attempting to better my skills at writing. I am shamed to admit that I am one of those people who likes to talk about writing a lot, who likes to think about the stories they will write, but in the end never actually sits down and puts anything to pen and paper (or in this case, hits the keys). I'm not lacking for inspiration, I'm lacking in perseverance and work ethic. I also have a pretty big problem with trying to be a perfectionist, despite the fact that I've never created anything perfect in my life. There's probably no such thing as perfect, but I still try.

I actually suffered directly from that attitude while making this blog, which any normal person should be able to make in five minutes or less. Instead of just creating it and writing, I tried to make my own theme and had to screw around with all the settings. I probably would still being doing that, too, to no avail since I have even less artistic talent than I do linguistic. Thanks to my friend Nadia for reminding me that people who go to blogs do it to read, not just look at the pretty background. Those people are on deviantArt. ;)

So, what am I going to do here? I'm actually asking myself that, it's not just rhetorical for you. Well.. I'm going to try and write here a little bit as much as I can and keep it updated about how stories I'm trying to write are going. I'm going to talk a little about what I think of writing in general even though I haven't ever finished anything, so my opinions on it are pretty pointless. I'm also hoping the friends I give this too will kick me in the ass a little to just write. I'm not going to make anything fantastic. I'm not going to write any best-sellers or anything with incredible philosophical depth. Not just now, but likely, not ever. I just want to write something, whenever I get my weird little ideas, and this time around try to finish them.

I waste a lot of time with fan fiction. That's not to knock on the genre/style of that in general, some fan fiction is better than the original source from what I've read, but I personally waste time when I go that route. I spend too much time obsessing over meaningless details, and it feels fruitless since I know I couldn't ever make money off of it. Yes, money is a concern for me. If I finish anything original, I plan on sticking it up in the Kindle Store, not because I'd make any worth-while profit, but I plan on using the amount of downloads as a litmus test to see how shitty or not-so-shitty it is.

If you can't tell yet, I have a good deal of self-loathing for myself. It's another issue of mine. I also plan on talking about what I read on here because, well I don't read enough, and I can't really write stories if I don't read stories. Reading captions on Tumblr articles doesn't count, cause they're not what I'm trying to write.

I'm sorry to warn you that all my posts, and my writing, are about as disorganized and cluttered as this original rant here. Sorry about that. I promise to try and remember to run everything through a spell checker though since Firefox is bitching my cookies aren't enabled and won't let me sign in, so I'm using IE with no built in spell checker. I also promise to try and remember the difference between there, their, and they're.

Do svidaniya.

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  1. I'm behind you 100%! I really want you to be successful and proud of yourself, and all that good stuff. You're a kick-ass writer, and you deserve it.